How do I get my children to stop destroying the sofa?

How do I get my children to stop destroying the sofa?

How do I get my children to stop destroying the sofa?

Kids love sofas. They love jumping on them. Throwing the cushions at each other. Playing the floor is lava. It’s seemingly part of their DNA. But treating the sofa cushions roughly causes wear and tear. And it is not inexpensive to replace individual couch cushions (or a whole new couch). 

So what’s a parent to do? Answer: Invest in a play couch.

kids jumping on a sofa

A play couch is a kids couch that is designed for play. It’s a sofa comprised from individual modular foam blocks that can be positioned as a couch or used to play with as over-sized foam building blocks.  The foam interior is the same as your family sofa but often a little extra firm to have more stability for play. 


A play couch is a couch made for kids. It is lower to the ground which makes it the perfect height for them to get on and off independently. Usually they are around 8-12 inches off the ground. They make the perfect height for babies to practice pulling to standing and cruising as well.  


When your child is potty-training you want to give them independence, but you also don’t want them to ruin the family sofa. Instead of relying on puppy pads to keep your cushions clean, a play couch often includes waterproof liners. The liners are positioned between the foam and the exterior cushion covers and protect the foam from wetness that will cause mold. So if a cup spills or an accident happens, you can take salvage in that it won’t cause ruin to the sofa. This also makes a great place for kids to hang out when they are home from school sick as you can simply wash the covers when they are back to school again.


Kids make messes but couches are usually not washable. Play couch covers are removable and can go in the laundry on cold and hang to dry. We use a bit of hair spray to remove marker and pen or stain-remover spray for other marks. This keeps the play couch looking fresh and saves the family sofa too.


A play couch is all cushion, no frame which eliminates the risk of injury from bashing into a wood arm rest or frame that is exposed when the cushions are on the floor. The pieces make great crash pads to be laid at the base of the family sofa when kids are using the main couch. As well, the play couch cushion covers come with protective zipper pockets so that no one gets a zipper to the face when those cushions go flying.


Because a play couch is made for play it provides hours of entertainment for kids while leaving alone the family sofa and staying off the screen. The modular cushions can be turned into forts, castles, tea parties, playing shop and so much more. They are open-ended so that kids of any age, ability or interest can participate in their own way in a build that is suited to them.