Should your play couch arrive with any incorrect product or manufacturing defect, please take photos and email them to us at the email provided at the end of this warranty policy with (a) a description of the issue and (b) your order confirmation number. We will review and respond as soon as possible. This warranty covers the following issues if they are visible in a brand new product, in the absolute discretion of the company: incorrect colour, seam rips, zipper malfunction, stains or holes.

Second-hand purchases are not covered by this warranty. Our warranty policy does not include normal off-gassing, batch colour differences and threads that can easily be snipped off without any damage to the product. This warranty does not cover damage caused directly or indirectly by the user(s), such as exposure to smoke, fire or other chemicals. This warranty does not include replacement of lost or stolen product. 

This product is intended to be used indoors in a residential setting and therefore our warranty will not cover commercial or outdoor use. Our warranty excludes any negligence, misuse or accidents that cause damage to the product. This includes damage done to the product when opening the play couch such as cutting through the fabric with scissors. 

This warranty does not apply when there is modification or self-repair of the product and situations where instructions were not followed. We also cannot cover any damages to the product when you have transported or stored the product resulting in harm.

The warranty shall not be valid if the product remains in its original box after 10 days of the date of arrival. Play couches can only be compressed in their boxes for so long which is why we ask you to open it as soon as possible.

*If you need to keep it in the box longer, please contact us and we will respond if it is okay depending on the current time-frame that your couch has been compressed.

Please note, only the defective component will be replaced and not the entire product. If we do not have inventory available in your purchased colour, we will either send you a replacement in another colour or arrange a repair of the piece at our expense. The warranty is not extended by receiving any replacement or repaired parts.


Send all warranty claims to hello@barumba.ca.