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Create a world of fun & imagination with an 11 piece play couch

Couch To Creativity

Imagination is the toy.

Proudly made in Canada



Create forts, shops, tunnels. Anything you can imagine.


Be sleepover ready. Doubles as an extra bed.


Read or watch in comfort when in use as a couch.


Identify shapes, practice mobility and explore gravity.

kids foam play couch
pink play couch

Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch

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You family's new favourite toy! Endless fun awaits with this 11 piece building play couch.  Six different shapes in a variety of sizes fit perfectly together into a kids sofa that can be used for seating, sleeping or play. 

✔ Save your couch cushions by giving the kids their own pillows to jump around on.

✔ Keep kids active, entertained and engaged on long winter days.

✔  Meet physical milestones with gross motor skills play. 

✔  Bring life to forgotten toys by incorporating old toys with new play couch games.

✔  Feel safe and secure with a cozy fort for quiet time. 

  • Refundable in original packaging for 15 days.
  • Wash covers before first use.
  • Recommended age range 3-7

      What Families Say


      Well its amazing. I love the huge piece. Turning it into a slide. We absolutely love it!


      We LOVE it! The kids have tons of fun building. Their favourite has been making a table and chairs.


      The material of the pillows is fantastic. Super impressive. The kids were smiling non stop.


      My kids love it. They turned it into a restaurant. With so many pieces they didn't fight!


      The kids loved it. They turned it in to a restaurant. And with so many pieces, they didn't fight!


      My kids can't get enough. Loving seeing what they create.


      It's the most played with item in the house. They spend 90% of their day playing with it and making builds.


      I haven’t heard them laughing so hard or so long together in their 6 years of life together!!!! The amount of things they were pretending it was was incredible!!!


      It's honestly brilliant! My kids play nicely for hours!

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