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Create a world of fun & imagination with an 11 piece play couch

How It Works

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Kids' Couch

Give the kids' their own magical sofa saving your furniture from their unstoppable energy. Great for movie nights, sick days and sleepovers.


11 Light-Weight Pieces

Unleash the power of creativity with 11 versatile pieces that can be easily taken apart and rearranged, transforming into endless configurations.


Endless Play Possibilities

Kids transform the play couch into tunnels, forts, rocket ships, and countless other fantastic creations, fuelling hours of creative play.


"I'm tired of cluttery toys that take up a lot of room with only one purpose. This play couch has multiple purposes and looks sweet which ever room it is in! Highly recommend- husband, son and dog approved!."

-Lydia H.


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Practice trial and error to build forts, construct mazes, or create a cozy reading nook all while fostering critical thinking, cooperation and problem-solving abilities.

"It stretches their imagination as they figure out what to make and it's also great to encourage them to work together." - Margaret, Verified Customer


Create a serene space for quiet play, reading, or mindfulness activities, providing a cozy place where your child can unwind, recharge, and practice emotional self-regulation.

"It’s quite comfortable-even the adults enjoy lounging on it."- Meagan, Verified Customer

Physical Milestones

The play couch supports the development of fine and gross motor skills meeting babies and children where they are at with its versatility.

"My twins’ strength / gross motor skills have drastically improved." - Kim, Verified Customer

Why every family needs a play couch

It's a hard job keeping our kids entertained, active and learning. It can result in a house full of toys, yet somehow they have nothing to play with. Play couches are the ultimate multi-purpose toy. They evolve for different types of play, while saving the family sofa. The washable, waterproof, modular foam cushions are safe and versatile, letting kids play according to their age, skill & interests.

Imagination is the toy.

Proudly made in Canada
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Create forts, shops, tunnels. Anything you can imagine.

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Be sleepover ready. Doubles as an extra bed.

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Read or watch in comfort when in use as a couch.

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Identify shapes, practice mobility and explore gravity.


"I love watching our kids play independently and comfortably as they are able to move each piece by themselves without an issue." - Shoshana


Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch

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You family's new favourite toy! Endless fun awaits with this 11 piece building play couch.  Six different shapes in a variety of sizes fit perfectly together into a kids sofa that can be used for seating, sleeping or play. 

✔ Save your couch cushions by giving the kids their own pillows to jump around on.

✔ Keep kids active, entertained and engaged on long winter days.

✔  Meet physical milestones with gross motor skills play. 

✔  Bring life to forgotten toys by incorporating old toys with new play couch games.

✔  Feel safe and secure with a cozy fort for quiet time. 

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