Sustainability is an on-going journey and we believe progress is better than perfection. Here is what we are doing to bring sustainability into our company.

What Changes We Have Already Made

  • Recycled cardboard boxes in our packaging
  • Recycled plastic used for our vacuum sealing
  • Using premium YKK zippers to ensure longevity of our covers
  • Increased our foam density for longer lasting foam
  • Designed our packaging to be re-purposed as a colouring surface and play house
  • Included waterproof liners on each piece to ensure spills don’t ruin the product
  • Minimizing waste with simple necessary inserts only and not including stickers, etc

What We Are Working on

  • Move manufacturing locally to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Swapping our microsuede fabric covers to recycled polyester made from water bottles

Where We Want to Go

  • Swapping our zippers for recycled material 
  • Replace plastic in packaging with alternative materials
  • Work with a foam recycling company to take back and repurpose old foam into carpet underpadding, etc
  • Provide alternative uses for fabric when no longer in use 
  • Offer foam replacement pieces to extend the life of the product
  • Find a biodegradable fabric that meets our needs