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We'd been debating getting our babe a play couch for a while because he absolutely loved climbing on EVERYTHING, but it was such an investment that we were hesitant and couldn't service between all the options on the market. When we had the opportunity to try Barumba out at the Toronto baby show and talk to the owner we were able to plainly see that this couch was well worth the price. We have made countless builds since we got it and our son has loved every one. It's used daily and it'll continue to be used daily well into the future :)

Multifunctional and high quality

I was so overwhelmed by all the different play couch options (and how expensive they are!), but am thrilled we settled on Barumba for our 8-month-old. She’s too small to move pieces around on her own, but the adults in her life love using them to make tunnels and obstacle courses that are typically more appealing to her — and safer to play on — than the dangerous things *ahem stairs* she otherwise gravitates toward. We actually use it (the base + two larger rectangles) as a baby-safe replacement for our coffee table in the living room, so it gets daily use as a functional piece of furniture as well as a plaything. Being a minimalist, I really appreciate how this one play couch can be used instead of multiple other toys/gear (e.g. play tent, puppet theatre, kid chair, sleepover mattress). I can easily see how the Barumba will get loads of play for years to come.

Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
Brandy Woodward
The best purchase!

My kids absolutely love this thing! I’m not quite sure who loves it more though - us as parents or them! Great quality and tons of fun ways to build! We are so happy with this!

Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
Paige Haverkamp
Great for 14 month old

We ordered this couch because of all of the blocks that the base layer is configured from. It was a bit more expensive than other couches, but once you factor in the cost of adding those pieces to other couches they add up way more. Plus this couch comes with the waterproof covers already on it...and who wants all those extra pieces of foam laying around. The small blocks are perfect for little people and our tot loves crawling through the tunnels amd sliding down the couch. I love that this is a small, Canadian business.

Beat purchase

Love this set. My son is so happy and even adults play with it!!!

Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
Brenda L. Brown (grandma!)
The desired features/quality!

Such a fun and imaginative set for my grandaughter. Our family cost shared the price tag and it was worth every penny. Love the waterproof covers, the zippers/foam quality as well as a great effort to be environmentally responsible. The warranty for a year is so important to me and well the Canadian roots.


Great so far. Comfortable for the adults too. Love laying on it. Didn’t get 5/5 because of the poor quality of the zippers. Much like dog beds or anything else that is being constantly taken off for cleaning, you need a quality zipper or it will break.

Hi Kristin,
We use YKK zippers, the best you can get! If you are having zipper problems please send us an email at so we can fix it!

Worth the price!

I did some research before purchasing our play couch and compared the few Canadian companies (who had them in stock) and I though that getting the 11 piece couch vs the typical 6 pieces from other companies would benefit us more and prevent us from having to buy additional pieces right away! We’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and my daughter absolutely loves it. It’s definitely in “fort” form more than a couch and she likes that she can carry some of the pieces around to help build new creations. 100% worth the money, and I like that the company is pretty local to me (2ish hours) compared to being across the country. We’re very happy with our purchase and we WILL be buying another set soon at my husbands request so we can “build bigger and better forts”. I wish there were more colour options, but otherwise- 10/10!

Best invesment

We absolutely love our Barumba play sofa. It is trully versatile and the kids can let their imagination and energy run wild. Trully proud that it is from a Canadian business. Recommend 100%


Seriously, this thing rocks. I got it for my 12 month old who is crawling and climbing like crazy. I wanted somewhere safe for her to climb (rather than off the couch ends and onto the counter), did some research and looked like play couches were the ticket. Seemed like a good investment that will be useful for years, so here we are. So far she loves it! She's always climbing all over it, going through the tunnels we make, playing with her toys on it. Definitely worth it, and I love how it has so many different shapes, waterproof lining, and the colour isn't garish and goes my living room (I got the grey one). Five stars.

Practical, simple and incredibly joyful for kids to play with

I got it for my 8 months old son. He just started crawling. We build a little obstacle course for him to crawl. I also use it as floor bed for napping during the day. Honestly, I can see that this couch is designed with Scandinavian design in mind. It’s practical and simple and yet incredibly useful and fun for kids.

Play Couch Cover Set
Kathleen Conway
Love the grey!

Bought grey covers to replace the navy as the couch is going to live in the basement at our new house, so I wanted something lighter & brighter. This is it! Such a bright, soft grey. I love it! Same great quality as our previous covers!


We love the barumba play couch. The purchasing, shipping, product, etc… all top notch. Our two kids (3 & 1) play with the couch everyday. It is very comfortable to sit on during our reading time. We are constantly finding new ways to play with the barumba and it has really enhanced play with our other toys as well! Great purchase!

It’s amazing!

We researched different play couches and read reviews but finally decided on Barumba play because it has more pieces than the other couches and even though it’s a bit more upfront it pays off because you have what you need. The smaller pieces are firm but lightweight enough for my 16 month old twin boys to move around and the larger pieces will be great when they can actually start building things. Highly recommend!

Personal Customer Service + Great Product

We had some shipping issues on this order (no fault of Barumba), but I have to say I’m impressed with the service. Even with sending an inquiry on the weekend I received a response FROM AN ACTUAL PERSON. This is rare these days. They followed up and ensured we received the order. Five stars for service.
The couch is excellent quality and the kids couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I have not seen any other play couches in person to compare but I’m already happy we have the waterproof liner!

Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
Raychell Stewart

Fun, adorable, soft and durable

Couldn't be happier!

I'm so happy with our navy blue Barumba. The quality couldn't be better. I love that the zippers are hidden, and the feel of the fabric that has slight resistance to balance toys or hold against itself. My 8 month old became obsessed with standing, squatting, and climbing since it arrived. I had some difficulty putting it together because she instantly wanted to climb all over it. We've made tunnels, see saws, huts, and of course used it at extra seating. It's encouraged her gross motor and balance skills, and I'm glad I purchased while she's a baby. I wish I got it earlier because it would have made a great practice mat for crawling and sitting too. Bonus: the box made a great crawling tunnel too :)

The Best Play Couch

We bought this so our little one would have a personal sized couch but also because it is more than just a couch! You can build forts, make obstacle courses, and get creative! It is amazing in terms of quality, looks, style, functionality, etc!!

Best toy we own!!

This is hands down the best “toy” we own! We have 2 crazy toddlers who get bored fast and need to have constant entertainment. Well- this couch has been played on/with for literally hours a day!!! It keeps them active, entertained, & fosters their creativity. They are actually playing together happily (seriously this never happens) and have created some pretty cool things so far! I cannot rave enough about it!! The building ideas are endless. We have played as a family which is so great too! We even used the long pad for a cousin sleepover too!
Technical wise- We received our couch within 1 week of ordering (shipped to BC) and it was absolutely the easiest process ever! I was blown away at the amazing quality and sturdiness. We love that it has all the different shape cushions and comes with the waterproof liner installed. The covers are fit to perfection and are sturdy! I could go on & on.
Now go buy one, you won’t regret it!!!

Kids play couch

Amazing all around!

Myself and my little girl are so happy with our Barumba play couch! She only 11 months old but she loves climbing and exploring it already. I’m so happy with the quality as well as the number of pieces, versatility and open-ended play opportunities. It’s also easy to clean! I know that she will be able to use it for years, the play opportunities are endless.
I’m also super impressed with the customer service! We ran into some problems with shipping, but the Barumba team worked with me to make sure that my girl got her (early) birthday present!
Amazing couch, amazing customer service!

Never ending entertainment!

We gifted this to our two girls for Easter and we’re so happy we did! The possibilities are endless, from building forts and castles to creating “floor is lava” obstacle courses. I even found my 5 year old creating a castle bed on her own. I love that this allows for such imaginative play! I know we’ll enjoy the Barumbaplay couch for a long time!

Hours of entertainment

Bought this for my 2 year old. He loves it! He can move most pieces by himself. Easy clean was a must for me. And the endless possibilities of setups means this gift will be used for years to come.

Best birthday gift!

I bought this for my 2 year old son's birthday as his big gift. It is the best thing I could have spent my money on. He loves climbing up and down the "steps" and walking through the tunnels we create. I can see this being used through out his childhood as he grows, even for cuddling and watching movies together. I bought the navy colour and it's a perfect shade. Seems to be very well made and durable. I highly recommend this product.

Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
Violet McWhirter McWhirter
Barumba play couch

Very satisfied with our purchase. My son has loved it! Came as expected and the quality is great!