11 piece play couch

Better toys make happier families

When their toys do more, they need less toys. Fewer toys means less clutter & time cleaning and more time for you and your family.


How It Works

Kids' Couch

Give the kids' their own magical sofa saving your furniture from their unstoppable energy. Great for movie nights, sick days and sleepovers.

11 Light-Weight Pieces

Unleash the power of creativity with 11 versatile pieces that can be easily taken apart and rearranged, transforming into endless configurations.

Endless Play Possibilities

Kids transform the play couch into tunnels, forts, rocket ships, and countless other fantastic creations, fuelling hours of creative play.

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"I'm tired of cluttery toys that take up a lot of room with only one purpose. This play couch has multiple purposes and looks sweet which ever room it is in! Highly recommend- husband, son and dog approved!."

-Lydia H.

Why every family needs a play couch

It's a hard job keeping our kids entertained, active and learning. It can result in a house full of toys, yet somehow they have nothing to play with. Play couches are the ultimate multi-purpose toy. They evolve for different types of play, while saving the family sofa. The washable, waterproof, modular foam cushions are safe and versatile, letting kids play according to their age, skill & interests.

play couch waterproof liner

Machine Washable Covers

Keep your play couch clean and fresh with machine washable covers and waterproof liners.

Infinite Entertainment

They'll be having so much fun playing, you can enjoy your coffee hot.

Grows with them

Kids grow up but the fun never stops. There are different games and builds for every age.

Different day. Different way to play.

Imaginative Play

Transform your play couch into a magical castle, a pirate ship, or a cozy cave, providing the perfect backdrop for imaginative play and adventures that transport your child to incredible worlds.

"I even found my 5 year old creating a castle bed on her own."- Bec, Verified Customer

girl jumping over a sand play couch

Active Play

Turn the play couch into a thrilling obstacle course, a soft landing pad for epic jumps, or a sturdy fort for exciting physical challenges, igniting your child's energy and enhancing their coordination, balance, and gross motor skills.

"My 8 month old became obsessed with standing, squatting, and climbing since it arrived.." - Shannah, Verified Customer

Social Play

Gather friends and family around the play couch for interactive games, tea parties, or storytelling circles, creating a central hub where laughter, communication, cooperation, and empathy flourish.

"They are actually playing together happily (seriously this never happens)" - Carly, Verified Customer

Barumba Play vs. Others

So much more than a toy

Problem-Solving Haven

Utilize the play couch as a platform for building forts, constructing mazes, or creating a cozy reading nook filled with puzzles and brain-teasing games, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a thirst for knowledge.

"It stretches their imagination as they figure out what to make and it's also great to encourage them to work together." - Margaret, Verified Customer

Relaxation Oasis

Transform the play couch into a serene space for quiet play, reading, or mindfulness activities, providing a cozy place where your child can unwind, recharge, and practice emotional self-regulation.

"It’s quite comfortable-even the adults enjoy lounging on it."- Meagan, Verified Customer

Promotes Developmental Milestones

The play couch supports the development of various skills, such as fine and gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, social interaction, and emotional regulation. Parents can witness firsthand their children's growth and progress as they engage with the play couch, providing a sense of fulfillment and pride.

"My twins’ strength / gross motor skills have drastically improved." - Kim, Verified Customer

  • 11 modular foam cushions with microsuede fabric covers
  • Waterproof liners on each cushion
  • A box that turns into a play house

Ships from Toronto, Canada in 3 business days


Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch

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  • Length 66 inches: Similar to a love seat
  • Depth 33 inches: Close to your fridge
  • Height 19.5 inches: Like a short side table
  • Fabric & Foam

  • Exterior fabric: Microsuede
  • Interior liner: 50% Polyester/50% Polyurethane
  • Foam: CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam which is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP and TCEP flame retardants, heavy metals, mercury and lead, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, and is low VOC emissions (less than 0.5 parts per million).
  • 1.8 density and 50 ILD on all pieces
  • CARE

  • Wash covers in cold water.
  • Hang to dry.
  • Wash before first use.
  • Vacuum or use lint brush when needed.

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    We ship play couches within 3 business days from Toronto, Canada.

    Delivery can take from one day to two weeks depending where you are located.

    Wash covers in the laundry machine in cold water and hang to dry.

    The waterproof liners stay on the cushions but can go in a delicate cycle and hang dry if needed.

    A lint brush or quick vacuum can be used as needed.

    Our play couch is made in Canada from domestic and imported materials. More specifically, our foam is manufactured and cut here in Canada while our fabric is cut and sewn overseas. Product design, product assembly and packaging happen in Canada.

    The exterior fabric is constructed using a soft microsuede material that is soft to touch and provides just enough friction for great builds. The fabric is Oeko-Tex® certified which means it has been tested to be free of harmful substances and is safe for human health.

    The inner liner that lies between the microsuede exterior and the interior foam consists of a fabric that is 50% polyester and 50% polyurethane. Polyurethane is completely safe for humans and is often used to waterproof outdoor fabrics like jackets. 

    We use CertiPUR-US® certified foam which means it is made without ozone depleters,  PBDEs, TDCPP and TCEP flame retardants, heavy metals, mercury and lead, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, and is low VOC emissions (less than 0.5 parts per million).

    We have also conducted our own independent safety testing with a third party laboratory. 

    We will accept returns of all unopened boxes within 15 days of receipt of your item.

    Yes. We offer a one year warranty policy.

    Yes. We have Sezzle available at checkout.

    (If you have your information pre-filled in and don't see it, you may need to check out as guest.)

    Depending on your individual family, our play couch can be covered under insurance as a therapy tool or in select provinces by government funded programs.


    "I love watching our kids play independently and comfortably as they are able to move each piece by themselves without an issue." - Shoshana

    Proudly made in Canada

    We start by sewing our super soft covers, complete with YKK zippers, zipper garages and a strategic handle.

    We then sew our waterproof liners that come standard on every cushion because we know accidents happen.

    Our foam is then made and precisely cut at our foam manufacturer in Ontario, Canada.

    We assemble, vacuum seal and pack your play couch before shipping it out to your family.


    Based on 114 reviews
    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
    Lindsey Meister
    Love our play couch!

    So happy with our 11 piece play couch. Love making forts and obstacles for my 2.5year old. Perfect for gross motor skills


    We recently got our Barumba play couch in "blush" and we haven't stopped using it. It's the perfect addition for imaginative play. The foam pieces and covers are amazing quality and very sturdy.

    We absolutely love our barumba couch

    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
    Cecilia Bourdon
    So far I like it

    We recently moved and I decided to buy this play couch instead of a real sofa. I am a huge fan of modularity and an object having multiple uses. So far I am very happy as it looks clean, can be put anywhere, is fun and most of all it is comfortable. The material does create a lot of static and it attracts dust, but I am hoping that will calm down with use. It lives up to my expectations not only as a play structure, but as a super lounge sofa, chair, bed whatever. It looks great in the evening sun as well ( once it is vacuumed).

    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
    Jéssica Rodrigues
    We love our play couch!

    I have 8 months twins and own a home daycare. The play couch is by far the most played thing in my house. My twins love to climb it, the older kids love to build stuff with it, and I love to sit in it while the kids play. Perfect for the whole family!

    Barumba Play

    My husband and I bought the Barumba 11 piece play couch as a gift for our grandsons. They are currently 5, 3 and 1. They are a bunch of rambunctious little boys. This “couch” has be an amazing purchase. It has been a fort, a trampoline, a slide, an obstacle course and even a couch. It stretches their imagination as they figure out what to make and it's also great to encourage them to work together. I would highly recommend this product. They spend hours playing with all the pieces. Our daughter and son-in-law have said it is the best gift ever! Also love that it is made in Canada!

    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
    Barbara Schust-Lawrence
    I need another one!

    Thank goodness it got here before the party!

    “I didn’t think I’d have any fun because A is only one, but I had a good time!” Four year old P, who spent an hour building forts

    One year old A enjoyed climbing on the block piles

    3 year old B used the toy hammer to hammer pretend nails into the walls of his house.

    29 year old N made a bed for himself when the party was over and fell asleep in front of the TV.

    I bought the Barumba for my granddaughter. Eight kids played for hours. Will be getting one for my house. Love toys that require imagination. And this one doubles as a guest bed!

    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
    Taffita Lefebvre
    Great Quality!

    We love our set. Our son and dog are on it all the time and the material is very friendly. It’s easy to wipe clean and also firm in its shapes. Highly recommend!

    Highly Recommend

    Our little ones love our Barumba Play Couch. Process from checkout to delivery was quick and easy. We are so incredibly pleased with this product, quality material and foam density is perfect. I love that this product encourages and promotes creative play while building gross motor skills.

    Great Quality

    This couch is perfect for all ages and great quality material. My kids have spent so much time playing with it and definitely recommend to anyone wanting a play couch.

    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch


    Bought it for the 2 grandkids and they play it all day everyday! It also looks great and very sturdy!! We love it soo much! We definitely recommend to get it! Quality is great!!!

    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
    Ariane Jacob-Goudreau
    Great play couch

    My 5 yo daugther loves it, it’s versatile and looks durable. I had an issue with the first order, customer service was súper fast to answer and solve the issue. Would definitely recomend.

    Every house should have one.

    I don't know where to start. The foam is sturdy, the covers fit perfectly, and it looks amazing. Hubby was skeptical until he laid on it - love at first nap. 😍 We have created a bulldozer, house, maze, and ramps so far. Looking forward to years of learning fun.

    Shipping was quick. For the price it is excellent compared to similar products that come with less pieces. The only downside is the lack of colour choices.

    Granddaughter loves it

    We can't be more happy with the product and out granddaughter loves it. She is on it all the time.

    Fun product

    Good quality, no chemical odors, kids love it. Recommended.

    Endless possibilities

    Versatile, good quality, non-slip but also cleanable . I’ve only had it for a couple weeks but I hope it lasts a long time 🙌🏻 I enjoy building things for the kids and seeing them play

    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
    Samantha Herrera
    We love the barumba play ❤️

    My baby loves playing with the barumba it’s been helping him stand on his own and he loves going inside when I build him a tent!

    Love love love!!

    Got this for my baby girl to use. She's only 6 months so for now she has tummy time and sits up on it. We plavlce the two arches on top of each other and she sits in front so if she topples over she has a soft space to land. I am so excited for her to use this as she starts crawling too! My younger siblings(6&8) absolutely love it too and it's pretty much the only thing they wanna play with when they are here now. They love that they get to jump on it and be silly without constantly being told no, because that's exactly what is for! I love that this is something my daughter can use from just a few months old until much later, and is something I can genuinely have fun playing with with her. It's great quality fabric, the covers are nice and tight around the foam so it's not saggy, and the foam is the perfect firmness! It was the best investment, way better than a million toys that only have one use and a small age range!

    My toddler absolutely loves it!


    Gave to my son for his first birthday and he loves it so much!

    Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch
    Mallory Shepkosky
    1st playcouch

    We have a son who is 1 1/2 and wanted to get him a play couch for Christmas. After looking at so many of them we decided to go with Barumba and we are so happy. Cushions are nice and firm. Makes them easy to stack and climb. The material spot cleans easily and the fact that it comes with waterproof liners is a must! Washed the covers and put them back on maintaining quality. No issues with the zippers or fit. The price also reflect the amount of pieces and quality of the product! We are happy with our purchase and would recommend it! Fast shipping too! Thank you Barumba!

    Incredible +hours of play

    The perfect couch for a playroom. I have a 5 year old and 2 year old boy. My oldest can build almost anything he thinks of without help and they have spent hours on it already! Easy to set up and very child resistant to everyday spills on it so far. Love it!


    My kids absolutely love this couch. They spend hours playing with it!

    Great value

    We are thoroughly enjoying our Barumba set. Very well made, foam seems to be excellent quality. One of our dogs peed on one of the cushions and sure enough the waterproof inner cushion cover was completely dry. The outer cover washed up beautifully and hung dry. Kids love usingbit in different configurations. 15 month old loves to climb and sit on the stacked up cushions. Totally would recommend this set!